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Did you know that practically all Christian denominations reference the King James Bible from the year 1611, or the corrected versions thereafter?

Trendy Bible software uses the 1769 corrected edition of the year 1611 King James Bible, KJB. Also included in this software, for quick referencing, are the original Wigram's Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances of the year 1839, and Strong's Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek Words from 1890.

Trendy Bible software is a very good tool to use for finding definitions for every KJV Bible verse.

  • Trendy Bible Educational Software v1.0 is USB Flash Card Ready.Dual Monitor Ready
  • Wide Monitor (Screen) Ready
  • Multiple Bible Windows
  • Portable USB Flash Drive Ready (stand alone app)
  • King James Version Bible, yr. 1769, 1881, 1901
  • Bible Concordance with Wigram's Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances, yr. 1839
  • Verse Compiler Concordance. Compiles the entire verse into their Hebrew or Greek word definitions
  • Strong's Concordance Unique Numbered Hebrew and Greek Definitions, yr. 1890
  • Reverse Search for Definitions and Strong's Unique Numbers
  • Search Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • Pasteboard Editing and Formatting
  • Data Folder: My Documents, All Users Shared Docs, Default, Other
  • Study Timer
  • Find words, definitions and verses quickly
  • Verse / Paragraph Numbering

The key to Bible study isn't concentration, but focus. I can remember while reading the Bible, a verse would grab my attention. I would then look through its references to better understand the verse, only to find myself out of focus, concentrating on different topics by following those references. Does that sound familiar?

In order to understand the text within the Kings James Version Bible KJV, you must understand the original Hebrew and Greek translated word definitions, which are included in Trendy Bible Educational Software.

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