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Trendy Bible Software 2.1 Highlights

- Multi Monitor Ready
- Wide Monitor (Screen) Ready
- Multiple Bible Windows at the same time
- King James Version Bible, yr. 1769
- Bible Concordance with Wigram's Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances, yr. 1839
- Verse translator. Translates the entire verse into their - - Hebrew or Greek word definitions
- Strong's Concordance Unique Numbered Hebrew and Greek Definitions, yr. 1890
- Reverse Search for Definitions and Strong's Unique Numbers
- Bible Search from Genesis to Revelation
- Pasteboard Editing and Formatting
- Data Folder Setup: My Documents, All Users Shared Docs, Default, and Other
- Study Timer
- Find words, definitions and verses quickly
- Verse / Paragraph Numbering


Podyoke Peaple.
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Bible Assist Software.
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Christian denominations reference the King James Bible from the year 1611, or the corrected versions thereafter.

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